The Big Half 2020

My race recap and video of the Big Half 2020 are now online. The race recap can be found here or using the “Race Review” tab at the top of this page.

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The Importance of Sports Massages

So, in between my race reviews and (coming!) gear reviews, I decided to do the occasional blog post. Not every day, but just with things that are mildly more interesting than a training run but don’t make it to the reviews pages. Starting…. Now!

I like to think I’m fairly good at this whole running malarkey. I am however totally rubbish at taking care of myself afterwards and between races. I’ll occasionally use a foam or stick roller to work out a few knots in my legs but beyond that I have a tendency to neglect myself.

Naomi, deciding enough was enough, bought me a voucher for a sports massage. So off I went after work to the Greenwich Spa. It’s been 18 months since I last had a sports massage (I did say I was rubbish), so I’d forgotten just what to expect…

Pain. A lot of it. Unrelenting for 55 minutes. Phrases such as “Dear God, what have you done?!” and “This is such a mess, I don’t even know where to start” were uttered with alarming regularity.

Half an hour spent working on my back, before concluding that she was “just starting to shift some of these knots but I suppose I’d better have a look at your legs”. Which were…. worse.

Again, no surprise there. Another 30 minutes of pain, with pressure on knots that had no intention of so much as budging. More comments: “You know this bit is supposed to be able to bend right?”. When I finally dragged myself off of the massage table I felt…. good. Slightly broken, but generally with a feeling of “better”.

And so, I’m committing myself to a sports massage once a month in order to try and keep things under control and much more regular foam rolling. It’s silly not to take care of my legs really. So much effort goes into races and carrying myself around them on wrecked legs does me no favours. So onwards and upwards! And hopefully less pain…